Mike Sullivan

Creative Community Catalyst


[email protected]
Skype name: pleistocenemegafauna
Currently based in Jylland, Denmark 




Winner of the award for Educational Co-Creator of the Year, 2018

Sponsored by Capital of Children 

"Mike has worked tirelessly in a variety of settings from ISB to other local schools, organisations and now Lego House to promote play. He readily volunteers and brings great energy and creativity to events. He is a great networker and has really done amazing work to bring together the international and local communities in Billund, with the shared goal of providing high quality play and learning events for children and adults. He adds a special colour and flavour to the projects he works on, and motivates children and adults to be creative and build their self confidence, valuing the contributions of all. He thinks outside the box and also brings a great set of skills and tools with him in terms of the skill set of an educator but also practical skills of event planning and running, and STEM skills of making and building in creator spaces or maker spaces, and the creative skills of a musician. Most of all, we nominate him for his evident passion for play and his drive, committment and motivation for this cause. He more than deserves this award."  Årets pædagogiske samskaber, 2018 



Featured Finale Facilitator at the Idea Conference 2018 at LEGO House: