• Powersolo (rock and roll)
  • Fantasimaskinen (music for kids/families)  
  • Let It Beat (acoustic Beatles tribute trio)                  
  • Cobolt (americana trio with Perry Stenback and Morten Husted)
  • Gringo Cumbia (interactive latin dance trio)
  • Los Fuegos (latin rock band)
  • JP McDermott & Western Bop (rockabilly)
  • The Hall Monitors (garage rock, rhythm and blues)
  • Tanglewood (acoustic country and folk trio)
  • Johnnybones (acoustic rock and roll with Johnny Burns from John Prine band)
  • The Neanderthals (rock and roll)
  • Agonal Rhythm (dance party covers, founded by Mike's dad, John Sullivan)
  • Kid Sampson (indie rock)


Current projects noted below:


Live at La Nef (France)


Original theme song for BELONG project and festival (collaboration with Culture Shift, serving students from refugee families in Denmark's Triangle Region).  Full album available here

Let It Beat

Hey Jude  (0:50)

Gringo Cumbia 

In the studio (3:43)

Live (2:55)

The Hall Monitors

Video from SXSW (2:39)



 Mike Sullivan on drums



Mike also performs as an Extreme Fundraiser  :)

February Birthday Challenge    Putting the "ow" in crowdfunding!   (1:59)


Polar Plunge (1:21)